Innovation is the key to growth, competitiveness and social well-being in the 21st century. The capacity of a society to innovate is crucial in an ever more knowledge-intensive economy.

Albania is facing a significant innovation challenge, where despite an excellence research base, dynamic companies and creative talent, good ideas are rarely turned into new products or services. Albania needs a real change of mind-set towards the promotion of a more innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

Albanian Innovation Foundation is created to help the community andthe privatesector regarding professional shaping through various trainings, which will have as their object the implementation of the latest techniques and technologies in the field of ICT, and not only.

And since innovation is based on inspiration and market research, as well, networking with opinion leaders and analysts, can enrich ideas and creative plans, with real business approach.

After all, communication is crucial, for ideas exchange, feedback and enhancement, towards the creation of implementation and operation models, which bring the idea to the real competitive world, of international market.

The Albanian Innovation Foundation applies its activities with educational and networking character as well, takes over the organization of conferences, workshops and several other projects which will be developed to present the latest technologies, mainly in the ICT sector.

The Albanian Innovation Foundation aims to enhance Albania’s ability to innovate, which translates into adapting quickly to the fast pace of development, being always one step ahead.